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A New Direction

Hello world, I’m back! I took a break from blogging that you can read about here: Pivoting on my Path. I didn’t abandon my art after all. 

While I was gone I successfully completed a 100-day project where I made a pair of earrings a day for 100 days. You can find those earrings on my second Instagram account @CKnight_jewlery Or you can buy them in my Etsy Store.

Here are some highlights

Painting Explorations

I’ve been exploring a new direction with my painting lately. I’ve been playing around with a palette knife and I’m really enjoying the results. I’d love to hear what you think, please leave a comment below.

Green and Yellow Abstract

I might add my usual abstract design on top of a palette knife exploration. I’m enjoying playing around with color and texture.

Red and Gold Abstract

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