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Pivoting on my Path

Just because I like to make art and I’m good at it doesn’t mean that I need to be a professional artist. I’ve gone far enough down that path to realize it doesn’t lead to where I want to go, at least not anymore. I’ve put a lot of deep thought and reflection into this and I realized that I need to work more closely with other people and help them in a more direct way.

I’m following a newer, more on certain path. I want to follow this new path and see where it may lead me. All this aside, I know that there is no one “right” path, The continuing down the path of a professional artist is a valid path for me.

All that said, I’ve come to a point where I want to make a decision and pursue a new path, I’m not sure where it will lead, but this new path is calling me. I might as well tell you what I want to do, I’m still unsure what to label myself, but here goes: I want to help other creative entrepreneurs who want to take the next steps in their business but are feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities and options on the table and are feeling stuck, unable to move forward. I want to help them simplify and gain clarity through productivity tools and project planning.

Here’s some background, I have suffered from this exact problem for a long time and I’ve spent countless hours listening to podcasts and reading books about productivity in order to improve myself and grow. Through observing all that information, I have come up with systems and practices to help myself that I believe could benefit others as well. Along with that, I began working for Lisa England in July 2016 and have found that I have been able to help her clarify a project that she’s been wanting to start for a long time, create a realistic timeline, and break the project down into actionable next steps. I’m really enjoying doing this with her and if she needs my help doing this, my hypothesis is that other people will want the service as well.

Pursuing this new thing is exciting, it doesn’t mean it’ll stop making art altogether, I’ll just move my art to hobby status. I’m excited to move forward with this new venture. I’m unsure what to label myself, a coach, a consultant, or something else, but I’m not letting that stop me anymore.

I’m in this for the long game and in order to do so I need to set up a strong foundation. I’m looking for people to practice with so I can clarify exactly what I offer and who I want to work with. If you or anyone you know is struggling with feelings of overwhelm over everything you have to do, please feel free to contact me at so we can get together and see if I can help you.

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Hi Carley,

Holy cow, you just articulated my current life situation in a paragraph. I am at a crossroads in life/career and rather than figure it out I make everything more difficult and stay put. Granted, there have been extenuating circumstances that have created some of this but I need to move on in a career/path of some sort and dig in (currently unemployed).


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